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To all of us who want to live healthier

Diet, Health and Favourite Low Cal Recipes!
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This is a Community to all who are either interested in bettering their life, staying in that healthy zone and getting support, or trying get fit. It is also a place to share your favourite Recipes (Please keep it to less than 500 kcal), favourite exercise tips, your favourite stories. The place to feel like you can be a success even when you don't feel you can make it!

Just remember:

1. We all fail at times
2. Food should always taste good even when low cal. Still, not everything is for everyone.
3. The only easy way out is to do it right instead of trying to do it the fast way :)
4. Diet doesn't only consist of food, it is a total make-over of your whole life! It is to balance your body, mind and spirit. It is a change of lifestyle, and anyone can reach it with small steps.

We like to Support each other :)

Some ground rules however:

- If you have a need to promote a community, please ask for a prior consent from the moderators.
- No Pictures which promote unhealthy living.
- This community is about HEALTH and HEALTHY living and how to maintain it, how to achieve it. Please stay in topic. If you feel like you need to post something off topic, contact the maintainer first.
- We are curious of unhealthy living, but ONLY in the sense of how to get better.